Eagle Direct business focuses heavily on animal comfort and working with our partner Comfort Hoofcare have developed a hoof care workshop. We are taking the workshop on tour and will go through theory and demonstration on long fed beef cattle on our clients feedlots.

Hoof health largely affects feedlot productivity and herd longevity. With modern feedlot practices, lameness rates continue to rise. In this workshop, we will investigate lameness from the animal’s perspective, focusing on the dynamics that influence hoof health and wellbeing of growing cattle.

  • Practical hoof trimming demonstration
  • Feedlot lameness causal and control factors
  • Discover further hoof health educational opportunities

About the Presenter:

Jaco DeBruin, a beef farmer and seed stock breeder in South Africa, has over 23 years of hoof care experience. Jaco began his career as a horse farrier before attending Dairyland Hoof Care Institutes Technical Hoof Trimming course in 1999, which inspired him to network with some of the best technicians in the world. Jaco has collaborated as a consultant and instructor for Dairyland for 21 years, travelling extensively to various countries including Japan, United Arab Emirates, Madagascar, Zambia, and Saudi Arabia. Today, Jaco has trimmed over 200,000 cattle and specialises in long fed beef cattle hoof care in addition to wildlife hoof care.


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Chute in Action:



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