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Maintaining animal health for the long term benefit

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  • Hoof Care
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  • Animal Handling
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Farm systems designed specifically for your farm and your future

Icon depicting a cow and her calf. Focussing on animal health delivers better reproduction

Better Reproduction

Focussing on animal health brings long term reproduction benefits for your farm

Icon depicting a farm. It signifies the importance of animal health not only for the farm but also for customers and consumers.

Animal Comfort

Maintaining the health of our animals is paramount for our farm, our customers and our consumers

Icon depicting a piggy bank. It signifies the money that can be saved over the long term when animal health is prioritised.

Saves Money

Preventative health solutions make for more sustainable farming well into the future

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working with farmers to improve animal health…

Environmental mastitis is a huge concern for any dairy farmer as mud is fairly commonplace when large rain events occur. Thankfully the steps I’ve taken to improve bedding on my farm have significantly reduced that risk and I’m already seeing results in terms of overall cow health and productivity. Its also saved me a heap on vet bills! Its been great to work with several Eagle Direct suppliers to glean information and work out what was best for me in my situation.

Ian Hindmarsh, Cumberoona, NSW

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